Why Compelling Content is Needed when Marketing to Seniors

Producing engaging content like articles, web content, podcasts, blog posts, videos, Ebooks and eNewsletters that attract our online audience (family caregivers and aging seniors) is a leading challenge for small businesses. Why you ask? Here are my thoughts, let’s see if I’m on to something:

1. It’s hard work and takes tons of effort… who wants that?

2. It takes planning and forethought… who has time?

3. We get distracted with pressing day to day business issues, who can add another “to do”?

4. We don’t understand it’s purpose and believe writing compelling content (that attracts and engages seniors & caregivers) is a big waste of time!

5. We don’t know how to think through the needs of seniors and caregivers. What’s the point?

6. We don’t understand why it’s so important to be found on the web?

7. Our business leads come from face to face, local networking. Cannot imagine why online content would matter!

Do I get it? Are my thoughts spot on?

So, why do you need to publish compelling content that addresses your potential customer’s needs? I mean, you’re not in the business of publishing.. right? Well, if you have a website, blog, eNewsletter.. etc., ah… yes you are.

The reason writing and publishing compelling content is important for your audience is because content is the foundation of your online marketing program. When written from the senior’s or family caregiver’s point of view, it puts you (the health care provider) in their shoes and you get a true perspective of their concerns, questions, and pains. When adopting a perspective from a client’s vantage point, it shows them that you understand their thoughts, feelings and needs. And as far as the seniors and family members are concerned, being heard and understood will gain your business deep trust in their hearts.

In the book, Content Rules – How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars that Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business), Co-Author Ann Hadley tells us that Kodak, Sears, and Ritchie Bros are investing so much in online content – because it’s efficient and imperative that companies create online content as a cornerstone of their marketing. She explains further by adding:

  1. Interrupting customers with advertising or other marketing messages is simply not enough. David Meerman Scott explains it best in his book The New Rules of Marketing & PR –“Prior to the web, organizations had only two significant choices to attract attention: buy expensive advertising or get third party ink from media. But the Web has changed the rules.”
  2. Customer behavior & expectations are shifting. Your customers are going online to search for information about the stuff you sell: everything from lawn mowers to cameras to consulting services to what band to go see on a Friday night.

They read blogs, they google their purchases and they query followers on Twitter or friends on Facebook. Always educating themselves by researching purchases online before they make them.

Consumers depend on search engines to help them shop online. Debra Miller on the Compete.com blog (Feb 2010) post “More customers use search engines than they do coupon sites, retailer emails, consumer reviews or shopping comparison sites.”

Are you convinced that maybe you need to consider rethinking your web content marketing strategy? If yes, send your questions on “where the bleep do I start” Carol@carebuzz.com. I’ll help to simplify the process, promise!

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  1. Tom Wilson Says:

    We use a defined process to create content for caregivers and their carees.

    The first steps is to quantify those macro global issues that are most important to them — these would be broad categories like financial, home care, legal.

    We do this gathering data from a national cross section of caregivers and their loved ones.

    The next step is to generate topics under each. For example, under the broad heading of FINANCIAL, a topic might be Reverse Mortgages. Under HEALTH CONDITIONS might be Incontinence. Under incontinence might be deductibility of incontinence supplies.

    With the broad subject categories and sub-subjects, we generate article headlines and ‘hooks’. For example under HEALTH CONDITIONS/INCONTINENCE/TAX DEDUCTIBILITY, a headline might be ‘Are Incontinence Supplies Tax Deductible’? This is one of our highest red acticles. We noticed a high number of searches on our website (www.caregiverpartnership.com) on this subject so we knew there was interest.

    After identifying the headline and potential ‘hooks’, we turn it over to our professional journalists to develop drafts. Images and or videos are added to add interest and added value. Because our primary business is marketing home health care products to caregivers, we usually include one or two useful products or services.

    We have also published a white paper titled “Secrets of Selling to Seniors on the Web” http://boomerauthority.ning.com/profiles/blogs/secrets-to-selling-to-seniors.

    If you SELL to SENIORS on the web, this may be helpful to you. Its based on 5+ years of quantified study during the development and refinement of our website – http://www.caregiver partnership.com

  2. Jo Jarrell Says:

    Hi Carol. I’m a Facebook “friend”. I love your articles! I am not great at writing,yet I think you hit the nail on the head. It is time consuming and frustrating to get the word out to a targeted group of people. Seniors are taking off like planes out of O’Hare with there web savvy now. There is still a huge group that I choose to target(including seniors). Those are the lonely that spend hours and hours without any human interaction.Even the sick ones lying in hospitals that not a soul comes to see. A gift of companionship to a lonely person is more valuable than any expensive gift a person can buy. I enjoyed venting to you! I hope you have a great evening!

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