Passing of Mom

Loss is difficult for us all. I found the following letter that I wrote to my friends after my Mom’s passing. I pulled it out recently, after Hanna’s death, to reread and insert in our Grief and Loss Series. The letter reminds me that no matter who we lose to death, it brings pain. And I want to remind myself that with pain comes redemption. Through our losses, we have opportunities to learn valuable lessons that enhance our lives, opening our hearts to compassion.

My dear friends,

The past few days have been the most difficult time in my life. My sweet Mom passed this Thursday, July 24th at 4am. Thank God that I was back here in TX, for I was able to make it to the hospital and hold her while she exited this life and was born into her next… How bittersweet the process.

I admit that I was NOT ready to let her go. But after hours of labored breathing.. I let my heart express in words the difficult statement… “go on Mom, it’s time – I am letting you go”. Oh, God that was so hard to say. It was the Divine who stepped in to help me gather the courage, strength, faith, and trust to say those dreaded words. When that was said, a sense of peace came over me. It was within a few minutes she was given morphine.. after that, she was able to relax into her birth of spirit.

I know that some of you have experienced a death of a loved one and some of you have not. For those of you who have – God Bless you! I honor your courage, I have a sense that we are all still very connected – that connection will grow stronger.. or so I hope!

For I do not want my Mom’s memory to fade away. I love her so and she still has so much to offer me and hopefully, I do for her.

For those who have not had this sad experience – the most blessed spiritual surrender is awaiting you! Yes, it is difficult and yes, you will cry tears all the way down to the bones, and yes you will not know how you can go on without that female glue that may have held you together for a lifetime.. but after the mouring you are welcomed and born to another part of you that is stronger, more compassionate, more intuitive and closely connected to the heavens. How blessed I am.

But I miss my Mom!

Please pray for my Dad, they were married 62 years and you can imagine how devastating this is for him. He is in pain and feeling a great loss.. please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.

Thank you for your support and love through my process of letting Mom go. I will love her forever and miss her even more…

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  2. Valerie Says:

    This is a beautiful story, thanks for sharing.

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